My name is Ryan Spencer and I'm the owner of Spencer Race Guns along with my wife Amy. My background is in the automotive
manufacturing industry where I've worked for the past 20 years. I began that career as a prototype fabricator before moving into
quality engineering then to operations management. During that time I've been exposed to a lot of different fabrication, machining
and processing industries all of which helped build my knowledge base to where it is today.

I've been around guns and shooting my entire life but didn't start shooting competitively until 2010 when I found a local IDPA match
and I was instantly hooked. I discovered USPSA shortly after that and have been competing ever since. I reached the rank of Master in
IDPA CDP, ESP and SSP divisions. In USPSA I've also reached the Master title in Open and Single Stack Divisions.

It's in my nature to never be satisfied and push the limits to gain all the advantages I can. Because of this I started working on my own
guns tweaking triggers, changing sights and learning all I could along the way. It wasn't long before I partnered up with GB2 Tactical, a
retail gun store in Allen Park, Michigan where I served as the primary gunsmith and shooting team captain for several years. As the
competitive side of the business has grown it required a whole new segment which I now call Spencer Race Guns.

I look forward to working with you on your next Race Gun!

-Ryan Spencer